show me your words


So now that my weekly word-blogging has begun, perhaps some of you would like to start using those words? In a poem perhaps?

You could speak of the bimarian quality of Canada (that word is next week, folks) or what is vanmost on your mind when you think of this Great White North. You could comment on the senticous nature of some of Canada’s native plants, or the world’s amandation of Canada’s achievements. 

I’m talking about, of course, my pet project Poems for Obama. The end is nigh — it’s time to show me your words, Canada!

We need your poems! The President is coming to Canada on the 19th of February, so we want to get cracking so we maybe have something to show him? Yes?

Send me your poems! Well, send them to my mom. Her email’s on the Poems for Obama blog. 

And I will see you at…um…the beach?