Word to the Wise


So, fellow writers, I have a bit of advice.

If, like me, you find that your words come easiest when you write them down in a notebook and then type them up later, and if, like me, you have a habit of keeping a notebook that’s always a few chapters ahead of whatever story you have on your computer at the time, then I urge you to consider, when you’re moving, exactly where you keep that fracking notebook, because when you’re sort of settled in but unable to unpack everything at once, and you want to get some writing done, knowing where that notebook is so you can retrieve it and actually make some progress on the story would be really fracking useful I mean am I right or what.

In other words, no, I haven’t got shite done on The Jade Star of Athering because I can’t find that notebook, and it really sucks because right about now I’m really wanting to dive back into that world. And I have no other outlet for this, except, well, trolling around on the internet for HOURS AT A TIME.

I suppose I could try and write my short story. Yeah. I’ll do that.

But I need to find a notebook.

a writer in search of tree pulp