Adventures with an Amsterdam Prostitute


This past weekend was a long one for Victoria Day (Canadian holiday — yes, we have those), so I decided to go to my dad’s for a few days.

My dad is a farmer, and going to visit him means helping out on the farm or in the garden. WHAT I AM A WRITER I AM DELICATE FLOWER NO HARD LABOR NO.

Well, I helped out anyway.


It’s called a Dutch Hoe (and everytime dad said that I was like “WHO YOU CALLING A HO”), or an Amsterdam Prostitute, because that’s funny and more likely to make you read my blog.

This is sort of what it looks like, and how it works.

That’s not a really good picture, but I don’t care enough to find a better one.

Anyway, the premise is it’s a flat piece of metal with sharp front and back edges, and a long wooden handle. You stand straight up (don’t bend your back; it’s a bad idea) and push it with the loooonng handle back and forth just under the dirt. It cuts out all the weeds nearly effortlessly.


I so wish I’d had one of these things a year ago when I was putting in my garden at my old place, because it would have saved so much work.

So, you know, if you garden, invest in one of these. It’s so worth it.

Oh, also, I wrote a shit load on The Jade Star of Athering while I was at dad’s place. About 6,000 words. There. *ties post into writing because this is her writing blog*

Anyway, I promise my next post will be on topic. Maybe.