30 in 30: Day 04 (in which I’m late with the post but feck off it’s my birthday :P also I talk about Glenraven)


Your favorite book or series ever

So, I’m late with this post, but I figure y’all can fucking deal with it cause it’s my birthday today. (I’m 24. It was a frackin’ awesome day.)

My favorite book or series ever. This is a really, really hard choice. I have so many books that I just love to death and will read again and again. If I have to choose just one, however…

Glenraven, by Marion Zimmer Bradley and Holly Lisle.

Now. I will add, as a disclaimer, that is has been years since I read this book and I don’t recall all the details. My copy is, well, you guessed it, in a box somewhere, and I haven’t had a chance to unearth it and re-read it yet. However. I’m just going to say, in general, why I love this book so much. There are two reasons.

One: I am a hopeless romantic. There, I said it. Can’t take it back; it’s in writing now. (I’m fairly fracked.) I am a hopeless romantic, and that is why this book appeals to me (this is also why other books high on my favorites list include The Black Jewels Trilogy and Grayheart).

Two: I am a wanderer. I am constantly looking for a place to call home. People say that home is where your heart is. I say your heart is where home is. There is a place out there that is home to me. I’m not sure if I’ve found it yet. The closest I came to feeling like I had was when I went to Guatemala.

Glenraven is about two women, best friends, grieving over their broken lives, going on a bike ride and ending up in a magical kingdom called Glenraven. One finds true love there, a partner willing to die for her — the other, healing, and a reason to go home and to try and patch her life back together.

The idea that just by taking a bike ride one can end up in a completely different land — and I mean, completely different — that one can just disappear from this world…strikes a deep chord in me. And then to find true love there…that’s fucking whipped cream on the cake.

I once wrote a poem that was inspired by Glenraven, actually, and it can be read here.

Anyway. That’s pretty much why it’s my favorite book, and that’s all I really have to say. Also, it’s my birthday, so if you want more too fucking bad. ME TIME. ALL THE TIME.

Tomorrow you’ll get a longer post, because tomorrow I talk about a book I hate. BRING ON THE FUNNY.

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