Voting closed: results are…..(drumroll please)…….


I’m apparently doing a podcast!

Of course, I’d pretty much already made up my mind, but I did want to see how many of my readers would actually listen to a podcast or if it’d just be me circle-jerking to the sound of my own voice (and yes, I do hate the sound of my own voice but I also get orgasms from misery, much like Pintsize).

ANYway. It was a close race, with 9 yes votes, 7 no votes, and 3 asking about their cheeseburger. Disappointingly, some of you actually said I should be banned from speaking. THEN WHY YOU ON MY FACEBOOK AND BLOG, FOOL?

Well, I’m doing the podcast, and if there were a way I could get it to play in those four people’s ipods against their will I would. But I can’t, so I’ll just have to hope that they’ll have to suffer my Cartman-like speech patterns some other way.

Not sure what my first podcast will be on, or even when it will be. I can’t force a good rant, you know. They have to be inspired. But check back here for updates (and I know you will) and it’ll be up whenever it’s up.

Peace (except for you four, you know who you are),