30 in 30: Day 22 (the embers of romance start young)

City of Ember

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Favorite non-sexual relationship (including asexual romantic relationships)

Lina Mayfleet/Doon Harrow, The City of Ember (and its sequels, presumably, though I’ve yet to read them).

(Mild spoilers.)

Obviously the relationship is non-sexual; Lina and Doon are only 12 or 13 (can’t recall exact ages), so having their relationship involve sex would be…creepy, honestly. And completely unnecessary for a good romance.

Because that’s what their relationship is — a romance. Or will be, once they get older. It has the same quality of being forged in hardship as the previous relationship I talked about. You can tell, reading the book, that someday they will have an awesome life together on Earth’s surface. After they, you know, finish their heroes’ journeys.

(I really hope I’m not proven wrong in the sequels because I will feel like an idiot.)