Yes, I do get days off.


But they’re never any fun.

I was going to work today, but I had a migraine for several hours. It’s gone now, but now it’s time to go to sleep, because I have to get up at 6 to walk to school tomorrow.

Yes, walk. My loan will be in next week (fingers crossed) and then I can get a bus pass, but until then — I walk.

I walk with my computer, so that in the 2.5 hour break between classes I can work. Or possibly do the reading that should be done by 1 for my seminar class, but we both know that’s not going to happen.

I am hoping that when I am done with class tomorrow I will a) finish my revisions of Part 2 of Bellica (the cover is done, by the way, see below, and there is a giveaway on GoodReads listed) and b) get some publishing work done. Also, get homework for Friday done. Which is a creative journal.

I suppose I could just print off this blog entry, but I don’t think it would count.

If I can finish Part 2 of Bellica tomorrow I can send it off to my editor, who should shortly be finished with Part 1. Then I finish Part 3 by Saturday, get Part 1 back, and start layout work.

I can’t believe October is almost over. What the hells happened to this fall? Winter’s almost here.

I have no plans for Samhain. I cannot think that far ahead at this point.

Life is busy. But good.

I’m also going to try and get a Friday post done. Cross your fingers, toes, whatever body part you wish (that’s actually crossable — don’t injure yourself).