SFFSat: Adrasteia practices her bad-ass Detective look


This is a detective story, but it’s in a fantasy setting. Magic and technology are sort of the same thing in this place.

She rummaged around in the top drawer for her gun holster. Something she hadn’t worn for a while now — she couldn’t afford ammo recharges, and she hadn’t been on any jobs that would require it.

If the Queen required her to start on her new job right away, well, she wanted to be prepared.

She slipped the leather straps over her shoulders and adjusted until the gun sat comfortably against her ribcage, under her right breast. A few times, for practice, she grabbed it quickly and aimed at an invisible assailant.

“Do you feel lucky? Do you, kid?” She grimaced. She may still have what it took to fire quickly, but she definitely needed to work on her one-liners.

This is from my 2011 Nanowrimo novel, currently untitled. Enjoy!

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2 thoughts on “SFFSat: Adrasteia practices her bad-ass Detective look

    • Katje

      Thank you!

      It’s interesting to write, that’s for sure. (The detective-in-fantasy, not the self-deprecation. The latter I’ve got down pat.) I find I’m searching for substitutes for the detective genre standbys we tend to rely upon. It’s a great experience. I’m loving this story as it unfolds beneath my fingers.


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