An Update on the Back Situ


Well, last night we went to a different emergency room — one here on the mainland — so I could get an x-ray. About 30 seconds before my x-ray was to happen — wheeled into the room, everything — the power went out. We ended up waiting around another few hours while they worked on getting the computers to work again. Thank the gods for mom’s Kindle. All told we were there for 7 hours.

The x-rays showed my bones as being normal, so we got a referral for a CT scan. It was scheduled for this afternoon and I just got back from getting it done.

Can I just say, ow.

The amount of radiation in the CT scan is much larger than the radiation in an x-ray. And I could feel it. I have a slight headache now and aches and pains all over my body. My ears got uncomfortably warm a few minutes into the scan. Oh, and the machine is big and terrifying.

It was like having a 100,000 cellphones on my body, irradiating my organs.

I really hope it shows something. We’ll get results on Friday.

In good news: the doctors here treat me like a human being. And I am slowly getting better, even if the CT scan makes me feel like crap. I was able to bend down for something today. Woot!


2 thoughts on “An Update on the Back Situ

  1. I've had a CT scan twice. I used to get random, unexplained headaches as a teenager. They are loud and terrifying, but it's way better than an MRI. (So I hear.)


  2. I can't even fit in the MRI, supposedly. They're like super small or something; or I am just massive. Big shoulders and claustrophobia. So I'm glad I could do the CT at least. Results tomorrow afternoon!


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