SFFSat January 28th: Bellica Agate prays at the temple


This is an excerpt from The Jade Star of Athering, a sequel to Dead Transgressions set 10,000 years later and right after the events in Bellica.

Bellica Agate has been ordered to travel to Southland to negotiate with the army of Gypsies and their Queen that have laid siege to the province.  She decides to pray at the temple before leaving.

Ixchel had no temples, no buildings of stone or wood; She did not even have a place in the services offered at the Temple. Agate doubted any of the priestesses even knew of Her.

In fact, no one in Athering knew of the Rainbow-Moon Goddess. Agate had learned that well as a child. So she’d kept her worship hidden, a secret – even let her wedding ceremony be a Paixemortienne one, as Damien had wished. It was best no one thought her crazy, or worse – a traitor.

At the end of her prayer she felt the faint flutter of butterfly wings against her forehead, and she looked up to see the insect that had greeted her. There was nothing but empty air. She smiled, knowing her Goddess spoke to her once again after many years of silence, and felt her spirits lifted slightly at the thought of going home.

Home, after all, was closer to Ixchel than Atherton or Harbourtown had ever been.

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21 thoughts on “SFFSat January 28th: Bellica Agate prays at the temple

  1. Thank you. I try to keep true to the spirit of the Goddesses I write about, even if I do take liberties with Their myths and characters. I feel I have to — a new world may have the deities of Old Earth, but They will change necessarily from the move, and new beings will come to be worshiped as well. It's a delicate balance to walk.


  2. Ah, well, Ixchel is not an Atherian Goddess, and while Agate has lived most of her life within Athering's borders, she's not fully Atherian either…and Athering is not entirely up to speed with neighboring nations' religious practices. 😉


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