The ebook of Bellica is complete


Complete and on Kindle already!

I’m pretty excited. I was super excited about getting print copies done too, but I’m even more excited about this — because Kindle is a wider audience. Even if people don’t own an actual Kindle, the option to get Kindle apps is across most platforms. And free.

While I am aiming to make a living with this book (as I can’t work anymore, with my spinal injury, writing is now officially my job), mostly I just want people to read it. Which is far more possible with it being on Kindle.

Future plans include putting Bellica on CreateSpace as well, so that those of you who don’t want to or can’t use ebooks can get a copy of Bellica in paperback.

(I currently sell paperback copies of Bellica through my site, but shipping is expensive and thus only available to residents of US and Canada. I’m hoping to get away from direct long-distance sales and let CreateSpace and Amazon do all the work for me. Also, chances are shipping will be cheaper, which means y’all will save too.)

So, yes, that means that if you’re not in the US or Canada you will be able to buy a paperback of my novel in the next month or so. (Give me time; it’s slow work.)

And you can get it right now if you want the ebook.