Hot fresh novel, available on Kindle now!


As I mentioned briefly on Saturday, Bellica is now available for the Kindle.

I ended up pricing it at $7.99, which is a bit lower than the $9.99 I had originally planned on, but still an accurate representation of the novel’s length and, frankly, what I feel I deserve for it. Also, this price was decided upon after extensive market research* by yours truly.

I’m currently also working on the CreateSpace file for a new paperback version of Bellica — one that will have bigger font and more pages. It will also be more widely available. More news on that as it unfolds.

Finally, you’ll notice few posts here and at Gossip Diet. I’m currently unable to type while sitting up and typing while lying down (the only position available to me) takes a lot of time and effort and causes me some pain. Therefore I shall be posting half as much at each blog, because that equals one blogs’ worth of posts, I think.

In the meantime, I have to wait for my back to slowly get better. It’s going slow, because it hates me. And now I hate it just as much.


*Extensive market research definition: I ran a poll on Facebook.