SFFSat: Drunken confessions continued


This week’s snippet is a continuation of last week’s, posted here.

It caught her completely off guard. She swallowed convulsively in the raw emotion crackling the air. She grasped at her old, Umbra-may-care mood, but her jesting tone fell flat. “What, you’d sacrifice your life for me?”
His look didn’t waver, but a small smile, almost as infinitesimal as his earlier shrug, curved his lips. “I swore as much when I became your major.”
“That’s different,” she said immediately, and broke her gaze away from his, unable to stand the intensity of it anymore. “And no, I won’t. You had nothing to do with this, Caelum.”

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11 thoughts on “SFFSat: Drunken confessions continued

  1. The disagreement and tension between the characters is well-done. I can't wait to see where it goes from here. They both seem so determined and stubborn. It's a nice build-up to what I hope will be some great conflict.


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