Meanwhile in Nanaimo (where it’s still not snowing; I don’t care what everyone else says)


A while ago I lost the notebook that held several handwritten chapters of The Jade Star of Athering, sequel to Bellica. (Yes, I’ve finally given in — it’s a sequel. I’m sure those of you who have read Bellica are happy to hear that. Though, strictly speaking, it could potentially be a stand-alone. I try not to give into the whole fantasy series thing; heavens forbid I start a huge series and die before I can finish it. Worst nightmare ever.)

Anyway, this week I finally put my nose to the grindstone to find the darn thing, and lo and behold! I did. 

It was with my other notebooks. CRAZY I know.

So I sat down and wrote just under 8,000 words on it. I’m now caught up with what’s handwritten, and will be working on this book continuously in March. Despite my other obligations (school, work, sleep, the show). Yay to being a writer full-time but still having to do other things full time to pay the rent. 

Coming soon: word count meters on the sidebar. They help keep me motivated, and keep you in the loop. If you want to be in the loop; I certainly don’t wish to force loop-living on anyone happily out of the loop.