Friday Reads: The Forever Girl by Rebecca Hamilton


(Yes I realize this post is late SHUT UP I haven’t slept yet SO IT COUNTS.)

I won a game of hangman on Twitter with Rebecca Hamilton and she gave me a free Kindle copy of her book, The Forever Girl. I’m only about half-way through, but I wanted to share some quick thoughts about it.

  • I like what she’s doing with the vampire mythology.
  • Wiccan main character who is an adult, college graduate and working is very refreshing, and I’m happy to see it. I’m also happy to see the character’s flaws and watch her start to grow as she gets introduced into this strange new world of supernatural beings.
  • The attraction/sexual tension is very well-written and very good at making me hot and bothered. (Or that could be me not being able to have sex while my back is on the mend, yes I’m going crazy, regardless I enjoy the sexual tension in The Forever Girl.)

So, yes, overall I’m enjoying this book very much and I recommend you go take a look if paranormal fiction is your thing. (Also available in paperback from CreateSpace.)

4 thoughts on “Friday Reads: The Forever Girl by Rebecca Hamilton

    • Katje

      I have no Kindle either. I downloaded the Kindle Cloud Reader for Chrome and can read it on any computer that has Chrome now. Been reading it on my laptop, where I’ve also pinned it so I can read it offline. 🙂


      • I’m all about the Firefox. I’ll look into the physical copy, although, it will definitely have to go to my “I WANT” list… which is huge-ginormous.


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