SFFSat, March 17th 2012: continuing on from where we left off last week….


We have the rest of the conversation first shown in snippet form here, for last week’s SFFSat.

Agate had already turned away to deal with the “I told you so” look on Damien’s face, but now she turned back. “Think hard about what you’re saying, soldier. I never make uninformed decisions.” Bethany stood her ground, but she looked abashed. She’d been in Agate’s regiment for twelve years. To think her bellica wouldn’t know her by now…. “Now sit down and shut up.”

Bethany saluted and sat back down beside Captain Shelley, who shook her head at her friend. Agate almost laughed, but it wouldn’t do – not in front of her women.

For those curious about what their mission is, here’s a brief explanation (I don’t have a short enough snippet to explain it).

Their mission is half-diplomacy, half-war — go to Southland and negotiate with the occupying army of invaders from the southern desert to get them to leave Athering. Not a job for a soft-skinned courtier, but not one for a hot-headed warrior — which makes Bethany worried she’ll jeopardize the mission. Agate has been chosen as the bellica for the job because she’s from Southland originally and speaks the language of the invading army — the “gypsy” tongue. She feels safer with her hot-headed Lieutenant in the mix than without.

And that’s quite enough revealing for today! 😉 Go read the other talented SFFSat authors HERE!

Tomorrow (Sunday), read a big spoileriffic snippet from JSOA and watch me fumble around trying to tag people without feeling like I’m intruding. Or something. *fumblefumble*


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