SFFSat March 24th: a conversation between Agate and her major


Continuing on in the same scene as the last two weeks’ snippets (1, 2), here we see a small conversation between Bellica Agate and her major, Damien. This is from The Jade Star of Athering, the sequel to Bellica.

“You didn’t mention why you were chosen for the mission,” he said gently when they were out of earshot. It was neither a reprimand nor a question.

“Need to know basis, Damien. I’m assuming this ‘Gypsy Queen,’ whoever she is, speaks Athee, or at least enough of it for us to be able to communicate. She gave a message to Melena, after all, and that girl does not know a word of Ixil.”

He raised his eyebrows and looked down at her. “Ixil? Is that the language you barely remember?”

Agate mentally kicked herself for letting it slip. “Yes,” she said, and waited for the flood of questions to come.

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15 thoughts on “SFFSat March 24th: a conversation between Agate and her major

  1. Great names and languages! Is there a secret to coming up with them? I think my favorite was lxil. I hope you give us some more about this “Gypsy Queen.” I can't wait to see how you characterized her. Great Snippet. Thanks for sharing it with us. Your website makes me think of sunsets and sorbet. Love it. Hope you have a great week!


  2. My secret is this: I base every culture in my world off a real culture from Earth. Or sometimes several. And then I add my own random ideas, shake, and serve. :)The main culture of Athering has a lot of [ancient and Classical] Roman and Greek influence. The Ixile'a people are based off the Mayan culture, mainly. So to find my names and customs and gods, I research the culture of the Mayans extensively. (Ancient to Modern, so I'm including Hispanic influence.)Your website makes me think of sunsets and sorbet. Love it.Thanks! I love the color orange, so it seemed perfect.


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