Things Overheard at Cue-to-Cue/Tech Dress for Dog Sees God


(By overheard, I mean said by me.)

“Play my vagina like the bongos.”

A pair of bongos - percussion instrument Deuts...

“This cup came all over my tits.”

“I just hit the riser and make the Africa face.”

“Hand-jobs: also played like the bongos. I hope that image stays with you when you meet my boyfriend on Saturday.”

“You brought cookies? I want to kiss you on the mouth. Except I won’t, because, you know, but still. I wanna kiss you on the mouth.”

“I don’t want to be a platypus anymore. I want to be an airplane. In the middle of the London Blitz. Pew pew pew!

Things actually overheard, or just heard; at any rate, not said by me:

“Clean that water off your tits or you’ll get a yeast infection.”

“The bright bra is really slutty. Do you have anything brighter?”

“Don’t fart right now.”

“People are always unsure if they want to get closer to Katje.”

“Running that scene again? Angry Birds it is.”

A yellow bird collapses a structure onto sever...

Some liberties taken/paraphrases made because 10 hours of work fry Katje’s brain, and bacon and whiskey don’t help.

No names listed because I’m not a total asshole.


PS: If you see something you’ve said and you feel embarrassed, don’t comment because then everyone will know what you said.