SFFSat: oh the times, they are a-changing…


Here is the continuation to the last three weeks’ snippets (1, 2, 3) and the end of this chapter!

They didn’t, this time. He merely nodded and put his arm around her shoulders, and they walked in silence. Normally she wouldn’t allow such a display of affection in front of her women, but since leaving Atherton she felt as if some weight had been lifted from her, and that she was a different Agate. It was as if the very act of leaving, of heading back towards home, had instigated some change in her that was still working at all the small corners of her mind.

The very thought of it made her stomach clench in fear. For some reason, she felt this change would not stop working until she was destroyed completely.

Oh, Ixchel. What’s happening to me? she prayed fervently, but the Goddess gave her no answer.

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11 thoughts on “SFFSat: oh the times, they are a-changing…

  1. Damn – she's on that crazy path of no return. I hate that path!I still haven't started Bellica yet. I totally have to get on that (need more time! – or Elves, or something).


  2. I suppose there's always a fear in change. Great snippet (and, like Cary, I need to get on with reading Bellica – next in my TBR list!)


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