SyFy Original TV Movies: possibly worse than syphilis


Last night we drove for far too long and finally staggered into a room at a Hampton Inn & Suites in West Sacramento, CA. At first, there was good TV — The Daily Show and The Colbert Report — but then I turned off the satan-box for some downtime. Mom complained, saying she needed some mindless background chatter to make her mindless paperwork seem bearable. So I turned it on and went to the SyFy channel.

Phantom Racer was on. What ensued was my drunk liveblogging of it on Twitter.

Some choice tweets:

Above is a literal transcription of her lines in that scene.


At this point I’m thinking YAY THEY WON MOVIE OVER but then car bubbles back to the surface of the lake and they’re running again. They get to a gas station, which they blow up in order to destroy the car. And guess what?

At this point I stopped watching. It was far past my bedtime, I was tired, and I’d stopped giving enough of a fuck.

However, my comment about SyFy movies being worse than syphilis prompted two pretty awesome replies from Randall Nichols. I share them below.

Accurate. Sharktopus did cause some burning.

In other news: the Hampton Inn & Suites seems to think that Fox is a good neutral news network to show in the breakfast room, and some staff members found my scathing commentary amusing. Also, for a swanky hotel they have a distinct lack of corkscrews.

Today we leave for San Francisco. Onwards to glory!