Statue of Liberty vs. Tea Party: no contest


Saturday night we spent in Salem, Oregon at my friend Indigo’s place. Her house is HUGE and with rent so reasonable I half considered picking up and moving there like, yesterday. (There being Salem, not necessarily her house.)

Sunday morning afternoon we headed north again and stopped in Portland for a visit shopping trip, as mentioned before. Leaving Portland was interesting, as they apparently don’t believe in signs. Or bathrooms. We decided that a 2 hour movie could be made –called Road Trip 4: Escape From Portland — about some tourists trapped in endless freeway loops and one way street routes, never sure how to leave. Eventually they starve to death.

Sunday evening found us having dinner at The Keg (just outside Seattle) with my long time good friend Priscilla and her boyfriend. Steak = my reason for living. It was awesome to see Priscilla again — she looks happy and healthy, which makes me happy (now if only I could find a way for my friends’ good fortunes to make me healthy too!).


We stayed in a Best Western right by the Space Needle that night. I’ve been to the Space Needle before, when I was a young child. Some sort of family trip — I barely remember seeing the thing, and don’t remember going up it at all. I hope next time I go to Seattle and have more time I can go up it again, and perhaps remember this time.

The next morning I rose late, cutting short my breakfast with my friend Finn. Regardless, we sat and chatted for an hour over coffee, and she bought a copy of my book. It was good to see her again. We shared dog stories.


In the university district Mom and I stopped for a proper breakfast and to see some shops. Signs proclaiming “Huskies welcome” and “Go Huskies!” dotted storefronts and restaurants. We stopped in a store with enough vintage clothing to cover the nakedness of a small country and then moved onto a witch shop. A proper witch shop, with dead leaves on the floor, spiders and ravens all about, and rightly dim lighting. This witch, who is frankly tired of love and light all sisters with the goddess shops, was quite pleased.

On our way home we passed through Bellingham, where Mom honked in support of a Tea Party rally before realizing who they were. Protesting taxes, or some such. There were signs for small government and tax reform, which was what caused Mom to honk. It wasn’t until we got midway down the line of sign-waving protestors that we saw the “Obama is the antichrist” and “Trust in GOD not government” and a sign that had an acrostic poem about taxes that spelled out T-E-A that we realized who they were. Sneaky buggers.

However, just past the line of TP’ers was a guy holding a sign that said “We buy gold and silver”, and further on down were two young women dressed as mini Statues of Liberty, dancing and holding signs for a local tax shop.

We laughed uproariously. Humor and capitalism win again.