Ultimatums to myself


So back when I was still traveling, and I believe it was when I was in Salem, OR, specifically, I set a goal for myself. An ultimatum, even. I told myself I was going to finish The Jade Star of Athering by April 28th. I was giving myself 10 days after my final exam (the 18th). I figured that I’d be able to power through it.

But then I visited my boyfriend on the way home and he had a cold. And I got that cold worse than he did, which seems vastly unfair, and slept for several days after my final. Which I’m actually still surprised I managed to complete, let alone show up for.

So now it is the 25th and I am no where near done with Jade Star. I’ve not even continued past where I got last month, before the show became The Thing That Ate Katje’s Life (In TECHNICOLOR!).

In three days, I’m supposed to be done with the first draft of a novel. The first draft of the sequel to Bellica. I want to release this thing this summer. I need to get on it.

*pictures inevitable mental breakdown if she tries to finish a novel in 3 days*

I think I’ll extend the “DO THIS BY THIS DATE OR YOU’RE DEAD” date. I’ll be kind to myself. It’s not November, after all.

I have until Cinco de Mayo. My parents’ wedding anniversary. May 5th to finish The Jade Star of Athering, first draft.

Hold me to that?