Wishful thinking


I recently got an iPad (the newest one) for various business reasons — mainly to see how ebooks look on it, and to eventually play around with creating books as apps (even though I’m not sure of the long-term viability of that idea, it’s my job as a publisher to, you know, keep on top of this kind of stuff).

So, I now have no less than three ebook reading apps on my iPad and a growing number of book apps. As there are a lot of free books in the iBooks store, I’ve got a huge collection of classics now.

And I find myself wishing that I could connect my GoodReads account directly to my ebook-reader apps so that I wouldn’t have to do anything to update my currently reading list.

There it is. The call of the incredibly lazy overwhelmed.

I just have trouble remember to update that I’m reading a book. Also, I read a lot when I travel, and a lot of times I’ll finish a book before I have a chance to get online again. Or be too jet-lagged to log in.

It’s difficult okay.