Brought to you by the letter P


How to Play: Comment to this entry and I’ll give you a letter. List ten things that you love that begin with that letter and then post that list on your blog. I got P from Pippa Jay (and no, that wasn’t intentional; she uses

10 Purrr-fect things

1. Paper packages tied up with string Okay so I won’t be that cliché. I do really love getting parcels in the mail though. It’s like Yule and my birthday. But on random days.

2. Plays. I’ve been in theatre for 20+ years so I suppose I must like them at least a little bit.

3. Performing. This I love even more than just plays. I like performing in all guises: singing, burlesque, acting, dancing if I could do it. I don’t like public speaking, however — the difference? When I’m performing I’m putting on a character, and thus am safe. It’s not me. Public speaking is all me. (So I’m working on putting together an “author persona” for when I have to do public speaking as an author. Also I randomly have huge conversations with Invisible Jon Stewart, etc, in preparation for when he’ll obviously want me on his show because of my awesome novels.)

4. Publishing. Okay so it’s overwhelming and a crapton of work and I’m frazzled from it most of the time…but I do like being a publisher. It gives me an edge as an author. More control. And as we know, I’m a super-control-freak.

5. Pie. Oh my freaking gods I love pie so much.

6. Pets. I like having my hair petted by someone I love and trust. It’s a cat thing.

7. Purring. I also like to purr to hear cats purr. It’s a lovely sound.

8. Paper. I love getting new, pretty papers. Especially in notebook-form.

9. Passports. Specifically, I like it when I don’t lose them.

10. Pagan, being a. I really love being a pagan. Sure, pagandom can be a little a freaking lot crazy at times, and many days the higher the number of times I’m willing to just roll my eyes and move along the happier I am, but overall I’m really happy I made the choice to start exploring pagan religions fourteen years ago.

This was fun! I’m glad I decided to participate. And if you decide to participate, comment below and I’ll give you a letter.