“Toffee”: the adventures of Deadbrain


In the class I’m taking — First Nations Studies 400: Applied Community Research Institute — we have a coffee hour in the first hour of class for our groups to discuss project outcomes, outputs, and inputs. The class is twice a week, 9am to 3pm, so we have that sort of time.

Today I slept in, because my body hates me, that’s why, and so didn’t arrive until coffee hour was over. It’s only the second day of class, so I missed our discussion of the introductions we would make after coffee hour (which I didn’t miss). After introductions, I went to fill my coffee cup cause damn was I tired. There were two Tim Hortons coffee boxes, one near-empty and one near-full, so I poured the remainder from one into my coffee mug and then filled it up with the other, fuller box.

And drank some delicious “toffee” — or a mix of tea and coffee.

I had completely missed the big signs on the chalkboard saying “TEA” and “COFFEE” with arrows pointing down.

Proving yet again that I am no where near human before caffeine has been inserted.

PS: Don’t try this combo of drinks. It’s disgusting. As this blog post will tell you.

PPS: I did end up getting a real coffee at break time, so I was human for the rest of class.