Fiction Friday: in which I eat all of my mom’s Nutella


What are kids for, right?

This week I am not reading any fiction — all my reads are currently a) serious academic tomes or b) books on paganism and witchcraft. Or both.

However, I did write a short piece of fiction for Three Word Wednesday, now showing at live in demons and absent angels.  Go read that if you like dystopian stories. It’s about 750 words, give or take a few.

I’m also hard at work on The Jade Star of Athering. I may not finish it by the 5th, as I’m also filming a documentary this weekend, but I will finish it soon — never fear!

And my brain is just coughing up plot bunnies like it’s got a hairball problem. I seriously have more story ideas than I know what to do with right now. So I’m hoping that once I finish JSOA and let it sit before editing a bit I can sit down and work on some of these other ideas before they die from lack of attention.

Plot bunnies. So needy, I tell ya.

As well, Dead Transgressions will be getting my attention sometime this summer, and The Man of Bronze will also be tackled this year. So hopefully I’ll have more fodder for my Fiction Friday posts and will be actually, you know, writing them.

(And posting them the night before because that’s how I roll.)