SFFSat: wherein Yarrow walks up Mt. Impri


In this snippet from Bellica Yarrow is walking back up the mountain after her hunting trip.

True to her pessimistic prediction, the sun had set by the time she reached the treeline, and she laboured up the rocky, snow-sprinkled slope in the dark. Soon the moons rose and cast their silver light, giving an eerie shine to the rust-coloured rock of the rest of the Blood Mountains that stretched away in a long range, far to the north, and the river with the same name that ran through them.

Yarrow stopped to look at the view behind her several times, and wondered what lay further north, beyond the mountain range that spanned the earth from her spot to the horizon. Did anything lie beyond it or was it just mountains and forest forever, as far as the earth went?

Maybe in summer, if Jules and I still live, we’ll journey north. See what there is to be seen.
She turned back and continued her zig-zag hike up, cursing the Moirae and Fortuna with every step. It was windy and cold and miserable again, and all she could think about was the warm bath that she knew awaited her in the mountain.

A sound like a song came over the wind, and Yarrow frowned and looked around. It came again, like a woman singing mournfully. Damn mountain gets creepier every day.

To discover the source of the song, come back next Saturday for the continuation of this scene!

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20 thoughts on “SFFSat: wherein Yarrow walks up Mt. Impri

  1. Lovely imagery, as stated before. The mountain song sounds haunting, but I definitely want to know more. Looking forward to the reveal. 🙂


  2. cpsingleton42

    oooo! Me thinks she best get a spurt on!!! Never trust a mountain that sings at you!really nice snippet.


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