“Today I” — a points post


My mom does this thing where she lists the points of her day — ie, every thing she accomplished, no matter the size. Her goal is 24 points a day. She doesn’t give herself negative feedback; only positive. That’s the theory, anyway.

So I’m giving it a whirl. I could use some positive encouragement.

Today I ….

  1. Got up before 8am.
  2. Got out the door before 9 (that’s when my class starts).
  3. Did not cry when faced with the evil parking meter of doom nor my welling up feelings of anger surrounding the ableism in Canada’s redundant bureaucracies.
  4. Managed to read a myth in pursuit of The One to turn into a skit for our class presentation.
  5. Worked with my group to create our proposal.
  6. Typed up the proposal.
  7. Wrote an entry for the 55 Words Challenge.
  8. Re-organized my canned food.
  9. Cooked dinner.
  10. Did dishes.
  11. Started the process for my entry into the Blacksmith Liberty & Entrepreneurship Camp. (Lithuania July 2012 or bust!)
  12. Resisted the siren call of McDonald’s.

12 points is good! Considering I have half as much energy as Mom does on a good day.

Do you have a points system similar to this? If your system is different, what’s it like?