Things I Wonder (#1)


When my brain is not fried, I wonder about things. This isn’t very often these days, so I cherish my confusion. Here, you can cherish it too.

  1. If horses ever actually had wings and they just evolved not to, and that’s why we have the legend of the Pegasus.
  2. Same thing with unicorns. Or if unicorns became the Narwhal.
  3. Does anyone find me as funny as I do?
  4. Why is Star Trek: The Next Generation so full of homoerotic subtext? And how can more of this happen? (Also, why does this subtext happen so often at all with Wesley and older male characters? And how can less of that happen? Cause…he’s 14. And it’s sort of. Yeah.)
  5. Why do magical creatures not come into my house in the night anymore and clean my dishes? Have I upset them? Or do they only live at my mom’s house?
  6. Where does all my stuff come from? Like, seriously, it just appears and half the time I don’t remember buying it. I may have a problem.
  7. If there’s some sort of super-soldier enhancement out there for me like in Captain America, but just to make me a) regular healthy, not HOLY FUCK CAPTAIN AMERICA healthy, and b) to make me a super-fast writer and editor without sacrificing any quality.


Now you know some of the things I wonder.