SFFSat: will Yarrow survive?


Welcome to Science-Fiction Fantasy Saturday!

Here we have the final snippet of Yarrow’s fate on the slopes of Mt. Impri. Read snippet one here and snippet two here.

The shape came closer, and she saw six legs – no, wait, now two legs and four arms as it moved to trot upright, large iridescent wings behind it for balance. It was covered in a thick white fur, but that was all she noticed for in the next instant a blur of white and black collided with the creature from the side, knocking it down and rolling away with it, locked in fierce battle.

The screaming stopped abruptly, and Yarrow, suddenly free, collapsed and started rolling down the mountain. She flung out her arms to stop herself but it was too late, and she rolled until she landed in a crevice, her head landing hard on a rock. For a second she struggled to rise, but then darkness consumed her in a wave.

That’s it for this collection of snippets. Yes, I am that evil.

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11 thoughts on “SFFSat: will Yarrow survive?

  1. Love the action in this. I'm not sure if I'm more terrified of the first creature or the second, but I'm glad it got Yarrow free, though a concussion may not be the better option. I'm just not sure. Either way, excellent descriptions and yes, you are evil. But in the best way.


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