M312 Defeated; Canadian Uterus-Bearers Breathe Sigh of Relief and Release Death-Grip on Pitchforks


Well, I’m sure many did. I personally never release my death-grip on my pitchfork — I am always ready to storm the establishment or run anti-choice assholes through in a manner similar to Vlad the Impaler’s.

Yes, Motion 312 was defeated in Parliament on Wednesday. M312, for you United Statesians who have no idea what I’m talking about, was a motion that wanted to redefine fetuses as people. In layman’s terms, it would have criminalized abortion. It was brought forth by the Conservative Stephen Woodworth. Yay! Yet another old white cis man telling women and genderqueer uterus-bearers what they can do with their bodies! This never gets old.

203 people voted nay on M312 and 91 voted yea — four of them Liberals, and the rest Conservative (we are not surprised there). I’m happy to report that the MP for my riding voted against it, even though he’s Conservative and historically known to be anti-choice. Still, I find it upsetting that almost a hundred of our elected officials think voting for such a motion is acceptable. I find it a disgrace that it was even brought forth in the first place.

Worst of all? Rona Ambrose voted yea on M312.

Rona Ambrose is the Minister of State for the Status of Women.

Welcome to Canada, where the Minister of the Status of Women is for the criminalization of abortion. In related news, War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, and Ignorance is Strength. (Too much of a stretch? Maybe not. Remember, the Ministries of Love, Peace, Plenty, and Truth all dealt with the opposites of their names: torture, war, starvation, and propaganda. I’m sure I’m not the first person to draw this comparison, nor will I be the last.)

The Abortion Rights Coalition Canada is calling for her resignation. Her vote was a complete slap in the face to the people she supposedly represents (because even as much as I call for abortion to not be always framed as solely a women’s issue, it does largely affect women). Her job is to further the interests of women in the country, and yet she voted against their right to choose.

Good job, Ambrose! That was sarcasm, in case you don’t get it. You should resign. Immediately. You are unfit for the position.

I’ve tweeted as much to her, and I recommend you do the same. You can also email and phone her office and let her know exactly how you feel.

I know my email will read something like this:

To the No Longer Honorable Rona Ambrose,

Recently you voted yea on Motion 312, which would have taken control over my uterus from me and placed it in the government’s hands had it passed. In short, you can have control over my uterus when you pry it from my cold, dead hands. Or torso. Whatever.

Also, you really suck at your job as Minister of State for the Status of Women and should resign, before an angry mob storms your office and sets fire to your paintings and chairs and things. That’s not a threat; just speculation on a likely future.

Good luck in your endeavors as a misogynistic, anti-choice douchebag!

Yours Truly Angry,

Katje van Loon

Go forth, my fellow Canadians! Tell your MPs what you think of their votes! (If you don’t know how to get a hold of them, you can click their names in the list of who voted what that I linked above, and a box will appear with some options. Click on “MP Profile” and it will take you to their profile page, which has all their contact info on it! Super easy, super handy, and I put the link here for you. If you don’t know who your MP is, click here and input your postal code on that page.)

Because, you see, the fight isn’t over. Yes, M312 was defeated, and we deserve to drink some champagne or whiskey in celebration, but the fact is 91 of our MPs voted for this bullshit. Ninety-one. That is not a resounding defeat; that is a pretty good defeat, or a meets expectations defeat. We need to do better than that, Canada. Ninety-one of our MPs voting against the right to choose is ninety-one too many.

So don’t hesitate to let your MPs know how you feel. This includes positive feedback — if they voted against M312, thank them! Let them know how happy you are they supported abortion rights in Canada. That we’re not taking a step backwards in time, thanks to their action. Especially the Province and Territories who were 100% against the motion (Québec, Yukon, Northwest Territory, and Nunavut), and the united caucuses of NDP, Bloc Québecois, and Green Party.

Because the anti-choice jackhats are still out there. Plotting and planning, and if we do not practice constant vigilance they may get a leg up. They already got a foot in the door just by having M312 be introduced in the first place, and the amount of yea votes shows that there is support for that sort of so-out-dated-it’s-a-goddamn-fossil type thinking. 

As it’s not legal to beat these people to within an inch of their lives or go back in time to abort them, we have to fight in more conventional, less prison-y and/or science-fiction-y ways.

Don’t let them win. I don’t want to be standing in a protest in 20+ years with my kids, holding holo-signs saying “I can’t believe I still have to protest this shit.”