SFFSat October 13th: Our heroines arrive in Southland


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JC Cassels, 2012

I’m back, with a new snippet!

This is from The Jade Star of Athering, sequel to Bellica. It’s currently a work in progress. I expect to have it finished early next year.

They had taken their time on the trip south, and rode into town on the morning of the eighteenth. It looked deserted – a veritable ghost town. As Bellica Agate slowed her horse to a walk she felt a cold stone settle into her gut at the senses of her hometown. There was no sound of children playing, no smell of fresh bread baking, no laundry hung out to dry – she couldn’t even feel the heat of the day on her skin or taste the desert eucalyptus that grew in and around town year-round.

She held back a shiver and dismounted her horse, signaling for Damien to do the same. They’d look less of a threat.

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    • *waves* Hi Gayle!

      Yep, there are people in the town. And something bad has happened. Whether what’s about to happen is bad or not depends on your perspective. 🙂


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