Day one of VIWF!


It’s here already!

Wow, that was quick. Half the month is gone. Seriously, am I getting abducted by aliens and losing time? It really feels like it.

Today is the first day of the Vancouver International Writers Fest! I’m volunteering as a raffle ticket seller, which means looking nice and convincing people to buy tickets for a raffle of a really pretty painting.

Also, I’m late.

Well, not yet. But I did want to leave by 1pm so I could be there in plenty of time to find a parking space. I’m going to be leaving closer to 1:15 than 1pm. Oh well.

Going to blog as much as I can about VIWF, but I’ll also be really busy. If you are in the neighborhood and you have the time, you should definitely come check out some of the events.

And tonight I get to pick up mom from the airport! She will hopefully forgive me for the house not being super-clean. At all.

Cross your fingers that she doesn’t murder me, y’all, because if she does it means an end to this blog.