SFFSat October 27th: A Diplomatic Mission


Welcome to another SFFSat snippet! We continue on from the last two weeks’ snippets (here and here, in chronological order) from The Jade Star of Athering.

The leader sized her up, recognized her as another leader, and made a small bow indicating wary respect. Agate affected a look of confusion and did a clumsy imitation of the bow, though she could have done it perfectly in her sleep.

“We are on a diplomatic mission from the Queen of Athering. She wishes to discuss a truce.” Agate spoke slowly and deliberately, enunciating the Atheē words perfectly. She wanted no misunderstandings if she could help it.

The man who had bowed earlier frowned, as if digesting her words, then nodded. “Rain-Looking want to see you. Come now; only two.” He pointed to Agate and Damien, reinforcing his statement.

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28 thoughts on “SFFSat October 27th: A Diplomatic Mission

    • Thanks!

      Agate’s an interesting character to write. She tries to keep everything tightly held back, even from herself, but she continues to unravel. It’s an interesting balance to walk, writing that.


    • Well hey, if it works that way, that’s good too! I didn’t intend it specifically for this scene, but I do try to convey that in later scenes, so I’m glad it shows up early. 🙂


    • *indicates that she wants to put the other leader at ease by seeming less powerful.*

      See, this is why I love posting snippets — y’all always have insights into my stories that I don’t even realize. I didn’t even think of this, but you’re totally right. Agate would want to do that.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the snippet!


    • Bingo! Her fellow Atherians don’t know that she’s fluent in not only the spoken Ixil language, but all the gestures that go along with it…and she doesn’t want them to know.

      Glad you enjoyed it!


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