SFFSat, November 3rd: Communication Problems


Welcome to another week of SFFSat! In this snippet, Agate and Damien have been lead to the Ixile’an sovereign who has taken her army to occupy the town of Southland.

There was a silence as the two women stared at each other, assessing one another like enemies on the battlefield. Normally Agate would have held out, but she was supposed to be on a diplomatic mission.

She bowed low again. “Your Majesty, I have been sent by Athering’s Queen to discuss a truce. She has no wish for any violence.”

The other woman raised her eyebrows, and gave a small sigh. “I do not want violence either,” she said, stumbling over the words. “That is why I come here.”

Agate knit her eyebrows together in a frown as she puzzled that out. “You didn’t want violence so you attacked and occupied a small town?”

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22 thoughts on “SFFSat, November 3rd: Communication Problems

  1. Agate gets right to the point, doesn’t she? I think that’s either the smartest envoy or the dumbest. I assume she’s quite safe to be so plain faced about it all. I gotta know what the reply is!


  2. This is a strange new use of the term ‘diplomacy’ – challenge the person and point out the flaws in their statement. Agate is not a typical diplomat – which, I have to say, is meant as a compliment. Direct, straightforward, blunt – I approve. I like this sequence, and I’ll be interested to see how it develops.


    • Thanks Peter!

      Agate really isn’t a typical diplomat — she certainly has no formal training as one. She was chosen for the mission for her other, considerable, skills. 🙂


    • Thanks Diane!

      Glad to hear you want more…you’ll have to wait a bit longer, though. The next snippet I post will be from my Nano novel. *rubs hands together and laughs maniacally*


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