Advertising — yes, I’m hosting it


You may have noticed, if you visit this site without adblock activated, that I have started hosting ads in the far right column. I did this via Project Wonderful, because I’d heard good things about them (and several webcomics that I read/have read over the years use them for advertising). I can now add to the good things I’ve heard about them — I love Project Wonderful. I highly recommend investigating them if you’re thinking of putting ads on your site (or if you’re thinking of advertising your site). They’re friendly, easy to use, and they accepted me as a publisher! (I totally didn’t see that coming, let me tell you.) Not only that but the person who reviewed my blog said I now have a new reader (which made me blush and giggle) and thanked me for becoming a publisher with PW. Hello, new reader! I don’t know your name, but I like your face. 

(Side note and full disclosure: if you do decide to advertise with Project Wonderful and you sign up via the link above, I’ll get a bit of money back for whatever you spend. So if you’re looking for a way to help out your favourite most foul-mouthed most-tolerated author, that’s one way. Another way? Just mail me boxes and boxes of Nutella.)

The main reason I did this? I would like to start making money from blogging. I think that’s fair enough, as I’ve been doing it for years and I’m now at the stage of broke that if I don’t monetize* my blog, I have to stop writing for it. I basically can’t afford to do anything that’s not related to work stuff these days. Which has brought all the guilt back into sex.

The ads won’t be huge, or disruptive — but some of them are going to be NSFW, because that’s the maximum rating I chose for them.

So this is an official heads up. There will be some NSFW ads on this site. I will check my bids frequently and try to make sure that all is in line with my personal ethics. Right livelihood, and all that. But, you know, be prepared for NSFW stuff.

Which you should be anyway, if you’re here. I swear more than Bellica Yarrow does and I post pictures of cats. That’s definitely not safe for a lot of jobs. Unless your job is to read awesome blogs all day — be careful, my young Padawans.


Thoughts on advertising? Do you use it yourself on your blog? Are you pissed that I’m a sell-out, because damn authors, needing to eat and shit? Do you think the juxtaposition of eating and shitting in that last sentence was unfortunate, or awesome? Did I use the word juxtaposition correctly?

I love hearing from y’all, so go ahead and leave me a comment.


*Another side note: I hate the word monetize. I really do.