#ziewrites — a new hashtag for genderqueer writers


If you’ve been following my Twitter account for the past week or so you may have noticed that I’ve started using #ziewrites on some of my posts about writing.

This is sort of a response to the hashtag (and website) #shewrites — which I think is awesome. I think there should absolutely be ways for women writers to connect with each other and find support, and I applaud the use of the hashtag #shewrites.

But it’s not for me, and I started wondering — how many other genderqueer authors/writers feel like they’re missing out on community-building on Twitter? 

Maybe not so many, but I decided to go ahead and start using #ziewrites anyway. There may not be many of us now, but that could very well change. Imagine: a future full of genderqueer writers, chatting on Twitter with each other! Or Google+ — the hashtag can definitely be used there. Sounds like a pretty cool future to me.

So if you’re a fellow genderqueer/non-binary writer and you’re on Twitter/G+, why not join me in the #ziewrites stream? Or follow me? The same brand of Katje-insanity you’ve come to know and love, but in 140 characters or fewer! Also, support for my fellow bros, ladies, ladybros, ladydudes, brofaces, etc. All of y’all, no matter what pronouns you use. (Binary-gendered trans* writers are welcome, too, if you want to join in!)

Who knows — maybe this will take off in a big way. Or it’ll just be me and two other folks, sitting in our Twitter stream, sipping our tea/coffee/cocoa. Whatever happens, I’m happy. Sometimes it’s just enough to carve out your own little space in the world.


Thoughts? Want to join in with #ziewrites? Don’t want to join, but think it’s cool anyway? Leave me a comment below: I love hearing from y’all.