A Very Grumpy Cat Solstice



Happy winter solstice, dear readers!

I’ve been rather absent the past few weeks. I’ve been dealing with a lot of stuff that’s just sapped my spoons, and I haven’t really been able to blog here or at my pagan blog.

Also, I was hoping to send out a Solstice Newsletter today, with a special holiday treat for y’all who are subscribed. I’m going to have to put off my sending of the newsletter. I’m not sure when it’ll be – right now I’m aiming for Boxing Day, but honestly? It could be New Year’s.

This is good news for you…if you haven’t signed up for my newsletter yet. If you have…good things come to those who wait?

So be sure to click the link in the pink bar at the top of the site and sign up for my newsletter SOON, so you get whatever goody I’ve got in store for you.

Tomorrow, or possibly Sunday, I will be posting The Next Big Thing! Author Blog Hop. I was tagged by KariAnn Ramadorai, and I was supposed to get my post up last week. As I said, low on spoons. Didn’t happen. But it is happening this weekend.

Monday, or Christmas Eve to those who celebrate it, I’m starting A Very Grumpy Cat Christmas Giveaway! In honor of my being the human version of Grumpy Cat, who is also known as Tardar Sauce. Yes, my friends call me Tard, and it’s awesome. Details to follow, because I haven’t worked them out yet. Stay tuned, and you could win things. Or a thing, most likely. Whatever. Free stuff.

Now, it’s a quarter to 4, which means sunset is in half an hour. I’m going to go get ready for my Longest Night vigil: I stay up the whole night and wait for the sun’s return.

A very merry solstice to you and yours, and I shall see you Saturday or Sunday.

(Because, no, the world is not going to end, for fuck’s sake people.)