12 Days of Grumpy Cat Giveaway (Day 1)


It’s time for the giveaway! Let me see your Kermit-flails!

So this is a really simple giveaway. For the next twelve days (the twelve days of Christmas) I will be posting a picture of Grumpy Cat (Tardar Sauce) each day. This gives you twelve entries, and twelve chances to win.

How do you enter? It’s simple. Leave a comment on each post, answering the question I posit. If you don’t have an answer for the question, then just tell me something about Christmas/this time of year! How do you celebrate? Do you celebrate? Do you observe religious or secular holidays? Do you hate this time of year? Did your lover give you a bunch of birds?

I won’t  be closing comments on each post until after the last day of the contest, so you have until January 6th (Epiphany) to make a comment on each post. One comment per person per post please! If you comment more than once on any given post, only the first one will count as a contest entry.

What do you win? I don’t have a finalized list of things, but I can tell you that the Bellica ebook will be part of the package. Depending on how my work weeks go between now and Epiphany, I may also toss in a copy of La Chiripa, by Kaimana Wolff, and/or an ebook copy of glasstown, my poetry book. You will definitely be getting an ePub, PDF, and Mobi (Kindle) copy of Bellica, so that’s exciting.


Who’s your favourite Peanuts character? Why?

6 thoughts on “12 Days of Grumpy Cat Giveaway (Day 1)

  1. Christine

    Lucy! She isn’t afraid of anyone, can stand up t any one and speaks her mind. She knows her self so well. I was just watching the Peanuts Christmas Special, haven’t seen it in quite a while. I saw Lucy as I never had before and she became my new Peanuts favorite!


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