12 Days of Grumpy Cat Giveaway (Day 7)



What’s your perennial unfavourite Christmas carol? Which one really grinds your gears? Which song do you loathe?

4 thoughts on “12 Days of Grumpy Cat Giveaway (Day 7)

  1. If I have to hear Hark the Herald Angels Sing one more time, I’ll probably bust out the solstice songs and stop being polite about it all. What are solstice songs, you ask? I don’t know yet. I’m making them up right now.


    • I went to a Yule ritual once where we sang a bunch of paganized carols! It was fun.

      The two titles I remember:

      Walking in a Wiccan Wonderland
      Gods Rest Ye Merry Pagan Folk

      However, I would like to see some original solstice carols out. So I fully encourage your making some up. 😉


  2. I hate Christmas Shoes with a fiery passion, because of the implication that shopping makes everything better and trite gestures at Christmas make up for being a dick the rest of the year.


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