12 Days of Grumpy Cat Giveaway (Day 9)



Holiday decorations: happy shiny fun time, or unnecessary hassle? Or third option of which I’m not aware?

5 thoughts on “12 Days of Grumpy Cat Giveaway (Day 9)

  1. I conceptually like Christmas decor, especially twinkle lights, but in practice I never seem to get past the “set up tiny tree” stage…


    • I’m the same way. I suppose if the Ogre and I were living together and had little ogrelets it might be different, but as it stands I’m just…lazy and easily distracted.

      Someday. Someday I will have a house covered in lights.


  2. heather

    I love decorating for the Holidays and think it’s a happy, shiny fun time. I love decking the halls, living room, kitchen and bathroom.


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