SFFSat, January 19th: the magic of one’s True Name.


Last week, Silva found her new True Name: Thalaea. After asking Enendoa if she can take on the moniker, the ex-goddess discovers that finding her new True Name has some pleasant effects on her newly-mortal body.

Three hearts beat the way they should; her bones were no longer so heavy. She was not cold any more; her body regulated its temperature as it should. Each breath was a pleasure, and each movement made her feel grateful.

She was Thalaea now, and she was a witch. The truth sang to her blood and made the entire world right.

When Brinna arrived to pick her up, she felt like dancing with the younger woman. She settled for a long, lingering hug, and a dazzling smile. “I found my Name,” she whispered to Brinna, suddenly realizing what her strange feelings for the woman had been. Silva had not been mortal, and mortal feelings had not been for her. Thalaea was — and she was overjoyed to find she was falling in love with Scoas’ daughter.

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23 thoughts on “SFFSat, January 19th: the magic of one’s True Name.

    • Thank you, T.K. I’m pretty excited about the directions it’s taken. (I did plan this one, but there’s only so much outlining I can do before it just takes on a life of its own and does whatever it wants.)


    • Thanks!

      It’s true. And I was pleasantly surprised while writing this; I didn’t realize that Silva/Thalaea would change so much as a character when she found her True Name, but then she came out with this bit and was like “Yup, I’m all different now.”

      Characters running amok in my head, kicking over furniture and terrorizing the other occupants…. 😉


    • Haha. True!

      (Also I totally have two-hearted beings in another world I write about, and it was totally not influenced by Doctor Who no not at all why would you think that. *innocent look*)


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