SFFSat January 26th: Thalaea learns about Saeas, Witch Goddess


Good morning! (Or evening, if you’re in my time zone.) Last week and the week before our ex-goddess character found her new True Name — Thalaea — and discovered she was falling for a mortal.

This week, we see a conversation between Thalaea and Enendoa, the “wise woman” (ie, witch). Enendoa is teaching Thalaea about Saeas, Witch Goddess of Min.

“Wolves and witches have a long history together in Min. Saeas watches over the wolves as much as She watches over Her chosen, the raven and the witch.”

Thalaea caressed the wolf bone on the altar. She felt an answering trill from the wolf-soul. “Then why are people like Kaz allowed to do what they do? If Saeas is honored by more than just witches.”

A gusty sigh was her response. “You look at the world as if it’s simple, as if people are easy to understand. They’re not. Life is not clearly delineated, and the sooner you learn that, the happier you’ll be.”

(For reference, Kaz is a hunter who…does brutal things to wolves.)

Hope you enjoyed this week’s snippet. There’s still a whole day’s worth of reading for you HERE, and I’ll see y’all after the weekend. I’m off to celebrate.

22 thoughts on “SFFSat January 26th: Thalaea learns about Saeas, Witch Goddess

    • Really? I’ve always associated witches and wolves myself…probably because I am a witch, and I was raised with wolfdogs, haha. Well I’m glad to hear it’s unusual, and that you like it!

      Ravens and wolves have had a long-standing relationship, so far as I know; it’s at least very obvious when observing my wolf dogs and ravens while we’re on walks. So it seemed natural to make ravens and wolves connected in this world, too. 🙂


    • Thanks Heidi! I…may have a /thing/ for names that start with Th and end with an “a” sound, but I had to come up with one that was definitely not Earth-based. So I thought about one of my fave characters from another story, Thadea, and played around with it a bit. 🙂

      And yep, Enendoa is turning out to be fairly wise. Not sure where she gets it from — certainly not me!


    • I’m really happy to read that so many of y’all find it interesting, because I was worried that it would seem…boring? Glad to see I was wrong. 🙂


    • *high-fives* Thanks Chantal! I’m happy to share; still in that shiny new stage of MUST SHOW STORY TO EVERYONE! (Which is why SFFSat is good…it gives me enough sharing time so I won’t publish too early. 😉 )


  1. Very nice worldbuilding and dialogue in this snippet and all of it seeming so authentic to these characters and their setting. Very enjoyable to spend more time with Thalaea. The “answering trill from the wolf-soul” line was a beautiful bit of detail.


  2. wolves and witches?? wow that’s something new. Usually you’ll read only about vampires and wolves. Now this story is very interesting and different. How I wish I could have that one to read!


  3. I’m loving these snippets. Very powerful images. And you’ve brought in the question of why a higher power would allow bad things to happen to something she loves… there is no easy answer, is there?

    (I’m sorry I’m commenting so late… the weekend ran away so fast.)


    • It’s totally cool; I’m still going through all the snippets myself.

      I’m glad you like these bits so much! I’m going to be exploring a lot of questions like that in the series. I hope I do a good job, haha.


    • Thanks Gayle! And yeah…though to be fair, according to how I see the world anyone who hunts wolves is as close to evil as I’ll admit there is. …ok, that sentence got away from me. Let me try again: I don’t necessarily believe in a concept of evil, but if I did, wolf-hunters would be evil in my view.

      Need coffee. 😉


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