I’m being stalked by a Weeping Angel


Ok, so she’s more Weeping Angel from The Angels Take Manhattan than she is from Blink or The Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone.

But. Still. Weeping Angel in front of my fucking building. I have to close one eye, then open the other, constantly just so I can get into my apartment.


Look! I even took a picture!

The Weeping Angel in front of my building.

Always watching; always waiting; always plotting.

Oh, crap, I guess we’re all screwed now. Dammit, Katje! Why do you nine think things through? Friggin child of the future; just have to take a picture eight where you go, don’t you?

Oh well. Seven. In that case, here’s the six picture I took, because I’m an uncontrollable lech:

Weeping Angel with DAT ASS. Need I say more?

I tell you what, five a Weeping Angel…DAT ASS.

Only slightly related: doesn’t Pixlr-four-matic have the most awesome filters? I am so glad I left Instagram, let me three you.

Anyway. I’m off to grab some coffee from my kitchen. Now, whatever two do, don’t blink. DON’T EVEN BLINK. They are fast, faster than one


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