Kat & Wolff will be at Vancouver Island Pagan Pride Day


Hey, you know what’s in 10 days? Vancouver Island Pagan Pride Day! And Kat & Wolff will be there, vending.

Formerly Nanaimo Pagan Pride Day, it’s changed its name to reflect that it’s the main Pagan Pride event on the Island. People from all ends of Vancouver Island come to Nanaimo for it, and at some point (perhaps still?) I believe it was the largest Pagan Pride event in Canada. It’s held very close to Departure Bay, so coming over on the ferry for the day is totally possible and pretty easy.

PPD_Poster_2013_v21If you’re in Nanaimo on that day you should come check out our booth. We’ll be right across the ATC-Canada booth, and not only will we be selling our books but we’ll also have some of Wolff’s famous onbijtkoek. Plus, Lord Tyee the houdini-wolf will be there! Come by, chat with us, pet the dog, and have some koek. (Also, bring a donation for the food bank drive, if you can.) You won’t regret it.