And then we hung up so he could sleep and I could find a remedy for toothache that didn’t involve whiskey, because ow, my liver


Conversation with Ogre via Skype following the make-up session after our fight, during which he said he’d feel bad about going to bed while I was still upset, so he was determined to Skype with me until I felt better, and then he asked me if I was going to blog about our fight and I said no, I try to only blog about him like how The Bloggess blogs about Victor, so I started linking him posts from The Bloggess to show him:


me: *laughing at the Bloggess*

Ogre: Hey, why are you laughing? Aren’t you supposed to be upset or something?

me: I was upset. Would you like me to go back to being upset so you can’t go to sleep ever?

Ogre: …what have I gotten myself into?

me: Yeah, just keep digging.


PS everything is fine now; the argument/fight/thing/whatever was basically just because of miscommunication because he’s kind of terrible at the English language in general and actually in retrospect it was a pretty stupid thing to argue over.

PPS I guess I blogged about the fight? Whatever; it’s like our first real fight in 3 years of dating/being engaged. Or it’s not and I just keep retconning my own memories. Either way.