Sartorial Experiment (gif usage in post)


I realized something this week.

I hate wearing bras.

I’ve decided that as soon as my last volunteer shift at the Writers’ Fest is over*, I’m going to try something. I’m going to go a month without wearing a single bra. I’m going to lock them all away in a box all month. All the clothing I wear must work without a bra. If I wear clothing during the month and it doesn’t work with me braless, then out it goes in the Great Closet Clean Out, Fall 2013 Edition.

I won’t get rid of my underwire bras because even the old ones I don’t wear anymore are useful for costuming purposes. (I am going to be cleaning out old sports bras at some point, but only once I have the money to buy new ones that actually fucking fit.) But for everyday clothing wear, I am going braless for a month.

I believe I can sum this up with a gif, actually.


And no, this has nothing to do with the Breast Cancer Pink Industrial Complex. Fuck off with that pinkwashing bullshit and further hyper-sexualization of breasts, as if “saving the titties” is the ONLY REASON we should be concerned about CANCER. Cancer that KILLS PEOPLE. Including people who aren’t women, by the way. 


Anyway. Bedtime for me.

No vlog tomorrow, sorry. Was too tired to film tonight. Will hopefully film tomorrow evening.


*Because it’s “unprofessional” to go braless, that’s why. I mean, I don’t think so, but other people do, and that’s what matters in this case. Unfortunately.