Episode 3 has been filmed


SleepAvengerCoverIt just has not been edited yet, because I have been set back on EVERYTHING because of Stranger Skies edits/proof-making. I haven’t even worked on my Nano for several days.

I would like to say I’ll be getting to it this weekend, but I won’t. This weekend is for relaxing at the Ogre’s. I am terribly sorry, but I am also unapologetic of the fact that I need time to recoup spoons. I am so tired you guys. You don’t even know. I have been up for 20 hours right now. I am so tired.

In the meantime, my humorous short story The Sleep Avenger is available for free on Kindle, today and tomorrow. Go pick it up, read it, have a laugh. I’ll see y’all on Monday evening.