Post a day


You may have noticed that since the 9th I’ve been posting every day.

This has been on purpose and it has been difficult to keep up.

I’m making a commitment to post here every day. At the moment, this means I’m likely going to be scheduling weekend posts, as my schedule means I’m away from home and off my sleep schedule Friday/Saturday/Sundays. Later, whenever Ogre and I actually live together, I’m going to be trying to make an actual post every day.

I’m going to see if I can continue to do this all throughout 2014. This is a very big challenge for me, and honestly some posts will probably be terrible. But I’ll also be utilizing the Daily Prompts, as they inspire me, from the WordPress Daily Post blog, as well as the Weekly Writing Challenge.

I want to see what this blog will grow into if I’m forced to write every day. I want to see what I end up writing about, over and over again. I want to seek out what drives me to blog, because I think I’ve forgotten.

I want to learn how to be concise. I want to learn when to stop.

Like now.