Hitting the Wall


I’ve hit a wall today. I am sitting here with a massive case of the doanwannas. This is the first real writing I’ve done today, and even this I’m finding hard to follow through on.

This is not unexpected. I knew I would hit a wall in my quest to form a daily habit of writing. I know that if I let myself be jerked around by my doanwannas, if I let myself skip a day, I will not be happy with myself.

I need to push past this, because so long as I continue to allow myself to skip a day here or there the habit won’t form. It won’t be an actual habit, and at the end of the year I’ll be back to square one.

I’ve already skipped one day. It’s the only one I’m allowing this year.

Today I’m going to force myself to hit my word count. No matter what.

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